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Am Not’s new album is pure assault of industrial/power electronics, well designed and structured – a tour de force from start to end…his most varied work to days!
AM NOT’s new album for Tesco Organisation starts with the idea of developing nations, and then moves on to explore the world itself as a project in development. From pickaninnies with grateful watermelon smiles, through to the rejuvenating power of capital investment and landscapes reimagined by great visionaries both living and dead – the world is in flux and constant development. <br< Just as tectonic plates shift beneath the living layer – seismic changes are always afoot on both local and global levels. Internal and external forces exert influence, societies change beyond recognition, true believers shed their skins and the deepest convictions change over night. Institutions are reduced to dust, faltering ogres are smothered by their young, old aristocracies tremble, nations are born and die, unions are formed to mutate or come apart, borders drift, allegiances shift and ideologies conspire to steer the day for slumbering giants to awake. There is surely great upheaval to come and many things will meet their end.
But in every pile of rubble and ruin can be found redemption through reconstruction. The abandoned are rescued from dereliction and embraced by a new purpose. The forgotten and marginalised will be brought into care and raised up to a bold new form. Within the chaos unleashed by the dismantling of tired old structures are laid the foundations of new harmonious societies. Obsolete archaic monstrosities are razed to the ground and in their place new monuments¬ are erected from glass and steel, ever higher, ever more inspired.
But who will shape the outcomes of these great changes? What are the key drivers? Who are the key players and who will deliver a future that works for all and in which everyone has a purpose and everyone has a place?
And what of the individual? They exist now as they have always done at their own intersections between cultural, social, historical, economic and biological trajectories giving each their own unique place and function within the human system.
But as these trajectories are disrupted and diverted, the individual lives in a state of increasing precariousness and is taught that they are powerless to change or influence this.
For you, the individual, it is essential to be a step ahead of the rest – who like you are vying for their niche. The wise will forecast these changes and be prepared to take full advantage of what may come. Every individual is a competitor, and so will seek to take what is yours, so no quarter should be given to those who share a common need – as resources are limited.
Sell your shares, fortify your houses, invest in gold, stock pile fuel, choose your allegiances, change them as necessary, sharpen your blades, tear up your passport, seek asylum, hasten collapse, stay safe, take back control, seize opportunity and with your God willing, you will survive.

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