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Believer/Law are an aggressive, rhythmic electro-industrial outfit based in New York City. While their traditions clearly stem from DIY punk, the band’s harsh, driving dance sensibilities strike reminiscent of the likes of early Skinny Puppy or Front 242. Known for their high energy, cathartic performances and strict use of live instrumentation, Believer/Law convey a truly powerful sensation that is both pitch black and uplifting at the same time. Features members of Kama Rupa, Cult Of Youth, Drunkdriver, and Missing Foundation.

Matters Of Life And Death is a record rooted in the trials and tribulations of living in the 21st century. It’s themes are deeply personal, with the subjects of addiction and mental illness at the forefront of many of these songs. However, it is far from a morbid record. As oppose to wallowing in negativity, it is a record about coming to terms with the things in life that we are often afraid to look at in and around ourselves and where to go from there. At it’s core, these songs are about transition, growth, compassion, hope and love.

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