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Stateart presents two of Column One’s most intense journeys into ritual experimentation by uniting religious sources and influences of occidental and native civilizations in an exquisitely packaged 2LP release. “World Transmission 3” was recorded over a period of two days in 1994 at a church in Etzin, Germany. All instruments were played live and recorded with two microphones. The position of these mics made it possible to document not only the overall sound, but also movements within the room. A third mic was connected to effects and a record player, amp, and speakers. The result is a series of echoed, tonal vibrations and drones, with rising dynamics, and shuffling whispered sounds. All instruments used were objects or tools carrying a religious, mystical, or spiritual meaning. “World Transmission 4,” on the other hand, is a re-worked document of a Column One event on April 3rd, 1998. The concept of this night was to produce vibrations of ritual materials of various origins in a new connection and in a new location. Overall it is a more active piece than the first LP, with various percussive elements (chimes, clangs, tribal drummings) mixing with vocal processing and organic, sounds. Packaging for both album is very much like early Psychic TV, uniform and informative. Very nice pieces. Limited edition of 950 copies.

Track Listing — World Transmission 3

  1. Side One (22:05)
  2. Side Two (23:45)

Track Listing — World Transmission 4

  1. Side One (20:36)
  2. Side Two (23:46)


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