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Ever since the demise of Contrastate five years ago, there has been a void in the experimental music scene that no other act has managed to fill. Their diverse creative output, manifestated as sweeping electronics and sound manipulation, together with theatrical spoken word, was nothing less than mindblowing in its complexity and originality. Fin de Siècle Media hereby does mankind a great favour by presenting a collection of rarities, singles and previously unreleased material. Contrastate believed that rather than trying to re-create studio material, new songs would be specifically written to be performed live. It was also seen as a practical matter of attempting to move on each time. And unlike other bands who contribute rejected album material to compilations,Contrastate treated each project with utmost respect and dedication –and a great sense of humour. For these reasons, their music demands, and deserves, your full attention. This retrospective contains thirteen tracks recorded between 1989-1999, and among the many rare pieces is the last ever Contrastate recording – written for the album they were working on when they decided to go separate ways. Furthermore, you will also find tracks from since long deleted cassettes, vinyls, and CDs…and perhaps even the Backwards Diva.

Track Listing

  1. I Am A Clown Collecting Moments (And Other Chocolates)
  2. Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs’ Opera
  3. Like A Saint On A Stake
  4. Virophilia
  5. Circumcised By A Blind Rabbi
  6. Extract No. 10
  7. Through The Lens Of A Mad Eye
  8. Pierre Never Made It
  9. From The Opened Red Lips
  10. In Like A Bull, Out Like A General
  11. The Birth Of Zarathustra
  12. My Body…
  13. Locomotive Shudder


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