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Hard-edged and experimental Neo-Folk. A dramatic, memorable and unique document of Tony Wakeford’s and Andrew King’s concert at the Casa de Teatro de Sintra, Portugal, on the 14th November 2009. A stripped down set of Sol Invictus and traditional compositions, utilising guitar, percussion and backing loops. Vocal honours being equally balanced between the two performers. Highlights include two dramatic but lesser known compositions from Tony’s back catalogue: Night Forever, and Death’s Head, as well as Andrew’s Black Crusade, from the M. R. James inspired album Ghosts. Rare performances by Tony of his Death In June songs Holy Water and All Alone In Her Nirvana are also included, as well as three of Andrew’s arrangements of Kipling settings: Have You News Of My Boy Jack (performed unaccompanied), Gethsemane and Recessional in which he was joined by arcano.zero in reciting the names of those men from Sintra who gave their lives in the Great War. 20 tracks, 72 minutes. All in all it is a unique release of a memorable event and more than just a live album. Produced by Lloyd James (Naevus) &Andrew King: Track details: 1. We Are The Dead Men (Tony Wakeford): 2:30. 2. An English Garden (Tony Wakeford): 4:10 3. Edward (traditional, arr. Tony Wakeford/Andrew King): 2:58. 4. Eve (Tony Wakeford): 2:06 5. The Last Train (Tony Wakeford): 2.39 6. Worcester City (traditional, arr. Andrew King): 5:43 7. Night Forever (Tony Wakeford): 3:37 8. Black Crusade (Andrew King): 3:54 9. Twa Corbies (traditional, arr. Tony Wakeford/Andrew King): 2:49 10. Death’s Head (Tony Wakeford): 2:35 11. The Wild Wild Berry (traditional, arr. Andrew King): 5:11 12. Holy Water (Tony Wakeford): 3:28 13. Blackleg Miner (traditional, arr. Tony Wakeford): 3.14 14. The Cruellest Month (Tony Wakeford): 3:08 15. Have You News Of My Boy Jack (Rudyard Kipling/Peter Bellamy, arr. Andrew King): 2.27 16. Gethsemane (Rudyard Kipling/Peter Bellamy, arr. Andrew King): 3.34 17. Recessional (Rudyard Kipling/John Bacchus Dykes, arr. Andrew King): 7:14 18. Down the Road Slowly (Tony Wakeford): 4.31 19. All Alone In Her Nirvana (Tony Wakeford): 2:46 20. Angels Fall (Tony Wakeford): 3.33 Total Time: 72:08


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