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“Lorraine is divided into four departments, plus a fifth which is called the steel-industry.” The Fensch valley, in Lorraine, is one of those industrial regions heavily affected and effectively rendered powerless by the crisis of the steel-industry of the 1980s and 90s. As sons of metalworkers, and very much at home with the tools of the trade, the members of Muckrackers are natives of this region. They play within the slumbering industrial sites, in the veins of which the molten iron used to flow. With an authentic connection, far beyond the preppy poses of the industrial genre, their music bears the memory of their elders who have given their all: iron, cast iron, steel – and who, in the end, have been deprived of everything. “Kohle + Stahl” (Coal+Steel, an allusion to the late European Coal and Steel Community) is a tribute to Muckrackers and to their compatriots, sacrificed and promptly forgotten for supposedly superior reasons of productivity. It is, and will probably remain, the one and only politically motivated work of Entre Vifs. “Never forgive, never forget.” Charbon-Acier – Tribute to Muckrackers, Solo session by Zorin, May 6, 2014. Performed live at our Noisecraft Workshop. Maison Alfort, France

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