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2016 vinyl reissue – Black. This Fire + Ice offering, “Birdking,” is an incredibly accomplished work which harnesses the talents of a number of Read’s fellow musicians and produces a vibrant, flourishing tome of lore. Contains contributions by Michael Cashmore (Current 93, Nature and Organization), Mee, Alice Karlsdottir, Richard Leviathan (Ostara), Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis), and Annabel Lee (Blood Axis, ex-Amber Asylum).

Track Listing

  1. Dragons In The Sunset
  2. Birdking
  3. The Werewolves Of London Town
  4. Drighten’s Hall
  5. Gaze Of The Proud
  6. The Lady Of The Vanir
  7. Flagg
  8. Take My Hand
  9. Greyhead
  10. My Brother
  11. Buast Til Ófriðar
  12. Where Have They Gone?

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