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The first two songs of the album unleash a tight, yet primal barrage of black howling riffs and extremely rough drumming combined with a weird mix makes the whole song feel a bit lacking in dimensions. The flat and rather noisy composition works quite well at times only to moulder the sounds and shapes at other times creating an incoherent wall of sound that glimmers past in and blends with the more nuanced parts. The primal mixtures collide head on with Dyad Sonne who throws up a extremely blissful grand piano as a literal road block to all the primal blackened sound of songs past. The melody haunts me to this day with a simple yet enchanting quality. Iron Broom begins slow and almost ritualistic with its heavy drumming and weird chanting underlays only to build up into a more standard black metal midsection that dies out with a weirdly intriguing synthesizer shrieking into the grinding tremolo of Ibex Mourning. The lingering qualities of the areas crafted by digital means are interesting in there own way and somehow the contrast with the howling guitar and primitive guitars makes them ever more suiting. Promise opens up with a acoustic guitar gently building up the atmosphere that explodes into a speed freak of a second half that literally overpower the senses of solitude and harmony that the first half had crafted. Conclusion is an odd mixture of power electronics and drones and suits the death throes of this quasi-electrical black metal beast.

1. Fylfot 7:28
2. Kalaos of the Chaldeans 5:13
3. Dyad Sonne 3:57
4. Iron Broom 5:37
5. Ibex Mourning 6:29
6. Promise 8:03
7. Conclusion 3:58


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