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After channeling all his musical energy into Beyond Sensory Experience for the past two years, K. Meizter finally returns with a new solo exertion.
Spawned during the sinister last months of a northern year, Tetraphobia scans through the kafkaesque layers of human anxiety, and continues K. Meizter’s distinctive manipulation of sound, melody and pulse.
Following Travelling Light, Dark Matters and the Horologium collaboration Eight Studies in Transition, K. Meizter’s new release develops even more unsettling atmospheres of reflection and alteration.
With 10 tracks and over an hour of foreboding avant-garde, Tetraphobia is K. Meizter’s most convincing work this far.
Dark and solemn.

Track List:
1. The Process
2. Protoscience
3. Samarkand
4. Tetraphobia
5. The Golden Mean
6. Retroduction
7. K-Shaped
8. Projections
9. Synkemina
10. Introspection


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