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Giftgarten is an LP presenting 10 songs written and recorded over four seasons by the dark electronics duo Pure Ground. Largely abandoning the hard one-two rhythms of the group’s first full-length recording, “Standard Of Living”, “Giftgarten” gives further exploration into the murky, acrid wastes of toxic marshes and nervous nights only heard in brief moments on “Standard”. Altogether sinister and strange, “Giftgarten” is 38 minutes of reflections on shadow worlds and shadow selves, of catastrophes of war and of earth and of the spirit, and most of all, about sleeplessness and its gifts and thievery. Several of the songs on “Giftgarten” eschew the use of drum machines in generating rhythm, opting instead for grinding and transient sounds generated by the duo’s dozen synthesizers for percussion. Still others, including Omission and Flood, are more traditional dance songs taking inspiration from the earliest EBM and electro. While largely experimental in it’s approach and sonic palette, “Giftgarten” is still wholly a pop record, full of melody and steady rhythms, and should appeal to both fans of raw electronics and dark dance sounds.

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