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A spore. Or a seed. Or maybe a drop of blood. There is always something left. Just when everyone thought the devil was done, the alien defeated, it comes back. More powerful, stronger and much much angrier. To lay waste the land, destroy the positive and breathe its fetid stench in the face of light. We should have known. Should have realised that in the vacuum left by its departure something would grow. Expanding and multiplying to fill the void. Recycling its hate, constricting hope and slowly, surely getting pissed at the world. Do we deserve its seething rage? Yes we probably do.
Dave Kirby formed Satori in the early 1980s with Rob Maycock, released music on the legendary Broken Flag label and then, just as quickly as they had arrived, stopped. Resurrected briefly to promote a retrospective CD “Infect” Dave and Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring Records) joined forces to blast a total wall of noise to unsuspecting gig-goers. Then Dave vanished. Justin along with new recruit Neil Chaney (Pessary) released the album “Kanashibari” in 2008. After touring the UK, Europe and Japan things went quiet again. Until now. Dave is back with ten new Satori tracks. Classic Power Electronics, Industrial and Dark Ambient soundscapes sculpted from a collection of alienating electronica, found sound and heavy drums. “The Hanging” marks both a new beginning and a continuation of a project now 30 years old but, most importantly, the chance to hear over an hour of brand new Satori.
Florian (the photographer)? I think his contribution has been invaluable. florian kriechbaum vienna
1. Harvesting
2. Open up the Gates of Hell
3. The Hanging I
4. The Harrowing
5. Firebrands of Hell
6. Scourge
7. Pure-Impure
8. Siberia
9. Salem Road
10. The Hanging II

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