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A disparate and varied selection of ‘outsider’ artists. The perfect soundtrack for a thousand different moods; from disturbing dark ambient to jagged, improvisational guitar, from full on noise attack to acoustic melancholy and pitch-black tribal rhythms. [from the original Operative Records website] A batch of the long unavailable OPERATIVE RECORDS Experimental/Noise/Post-Punk Compilation CD from 2001 FIRST has come to light, this consisted of the discs only so has been repackaged in the same minimal style as the original issue but in a jewel case rather than in the plastic casing of the original issue. As well as Andrew King and (Sol Invictus/The Triple Tree/Duo Noir) David Jones’ Azazel (under the name Emblem), the album also includes contributions from Naevus, Shining Vril (John Murphy), Knifeladder, Andrew Liles, Leisurehive, Antichildleague, Knives, Ruse, Muffpunch &Antivalium. An important early snapshot of the bands that were to later define the London noise, post-industrial, experimental, and neo-folk scenes. Full track details: antichildleague // GERM OF DECAY // 5.51 leisur hive // POSITION // 5.49 knifeladder // HYMN // 6.04 knives // LIGHTS OUT // 3.53 ruse // N.Y.C.d. // 5.27 shining vril // ANGEL // 3.30 emblem [andrew king] // AZAZEL // 6.58 muffpunch // AN AIR OF RANDOM MENACE // 6.08 naevus // VISIONS, RUSHED // 4.27 andrew liles // A CERTAIN STEP // 6.10 antivalium // PURE CODE // 5.42 Total Time: 60:04


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