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Univers Carceral goes far beyond the usual realms of musical industry… What we have here is a soundtrack supported by a complete work of about 100 pictures (taken by the Divine Comedy Records boss himself) showing the obscure and darkest places of his own town. This 100 pictures are the result of a four years shooting… The main title draw a parallel between the industrial noise movement (showing how our lives are conditioned, compartmentalized) and real pictures from the city where you can find similarities with carceral environments : walls, iron, aggressiveness, but also life and communication. The pictured city is Marseille, located in the south of France. The south suburbs are under construction, while the ones from the north are dilapidated, hidden. Something like a cross between Beyrouth and these towns where everything could happen at anytime. You can cross here a horse and a burning car there, an horrible building then nature… The terrific harsh-intelligent-industrial structures from Babylone Chaos, H.I.V+ and Mourmansk 150 (with remixes by Asche, Iszoloscope and DJ Mauri) depict a realistic illustration of modern life in the carceral universe of mankind…

Track Listing — Disc 1

  1. Mourmansk150 : Closed Doors
  2. H.I.V.+ : Death’s Corridor
  3. Mourmansk150 : Fear-Ignorance-Precaution
  4. H.I.V.+ : Carceral Universe
  5. Mourmansk150 : Liberation Thru Bomb and Gun
  6. H.I.V.+ : Night Effect
  7. Mourmansk150 : I Don’t Know (What’s Going to Happen)
  8. H.I.V.+ : Suck My Pain
  9. Mourmansk150 : Paradoxical Product
  10. H.I.V.+ : Feedback 1964 (Haunted mix by Iszoloscope)
  11. Mourmansk150 : That Day Will Soon Come
  12. Mourmansk150 vs. H.I.V.+ : Guantanamo
  13. H.I.V.+ vs. Mourmansk150 : Shit Words

Track Listing — Disc 2 — Babylone Chaos

  1. Couloir
  2. Abu Grahib International
  3. Land of Mutilation
  4. AYP : 2X2L
  5. Chemical Noise (HIV+ remix)
  6. Autop[sic]
  7. Rota Inferiis
  8. AYP : 2X2L (Chaotic remix by Mauri)
  9. WsB, Voices for…
  10. Nothing is Real
  11. Intramuros (Never Alone)
  12. Babylone RMX (remix by Asche)


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