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The North Country derives much inspiration from the mythology and traditions of the past, including original and traditional material, and even a reworking of an Asmodeus X song – the apocalyptic ‘Wolf in the Sky’.
Together, they look toward a world of wholeness and tradition. Yet this past is not something far away that is over and done with, but is rather the mythic past of the beginning time, that place of might and magic where the worlds were first created and where they can still be created anew.
Acoustic and ambient soundscapes converge forming a background for Karlsdottir’s haunting and melodic lyrics. With special guest appearances by Ian Read (Fire+Ice), Annabel Lee (Blood Axis), Jim Chisholm (Rune Gild Master and author of True Hearth), Spike the Percussionist (Astrogenic Hallucinauting), and Johnathan Kramm (Industrial Orchestra).
North Country promises to add a new dimension to the rich tapestry of Neo-Folk, emphasizing the feminine, the mythical, and the magical.
Track Listing: The Daughters of Ran, Freyja Dark and Bright, Weland Worked Long, Lullay,Wolf in the Sky, The Oak and the Ash, Loki the Fool, Barri, Hymn to Tyr, Bold Asa Thor.


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