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In 2007 Voice of Eye ended their 12-year silence with 2 CD-R improvisation volumes: Emergence and Immersion.
The works were released for their European tour in editions of only 100 each and sold out fast.
Now those impossible-to-find, extremely limited releases are finally available on factory-pressed CD’s!
Old Europa Cafe of Italy has re-released Emergence &Immersion in a fine 2-CD 4 page full-color digifolder, re- mastered with a new bonus track, “Peacock Symphony”, offering 2 and a half hours of music.
Spontaneity and raw emotional expression punctuate and keen throughout. Although completely improvised, the music seems amazingly composed.
One can intuit that the musical re-uniting of this duo created a vortex in the worlds.
Wildness, beauty, humor, darkness, fear, horror, yearning, grief and vast spaciousness inhabit this mysterious lively music.
Herein one finds some of the source material for their recent live shows: “Immersion”, “Dark Ritual”, “The Gates of Oblivion”, “Free”.
A large array of instruments are used here including guitars, trombone, flutes, double-reeds, percussion, voices as well as Voice of Eye’s self-made instruments: Squawk Box, Bass-Thing, Jeemna, Thing and Thing-mini.
Step into the vortex !

Tracklist :
i m p r o v i s a t i o n s v o l u m e 1
e m e r g e n c e
2.Exquisite Epilogue
3.Chrome Vortex
4.Ode to Every Circus Dog
5.Depressed Robot Sheep
7.Global Orgasm
10.Dark Ritual
11.Eleventh Ultimatum
12.Peacock Symphony

i m p r o v i s a t i o n s v o l u m e 2
i m m e r s i o n
2.Thing Dreamfield
3.My Little Vamp Creaturlings
4.Rainy Day
5.Evil Machine
7.Gates of Oblivion
8.Dripping Eternity
9.Sky Breathes Stars ‘til Dawn
10.Island of Dr. Moreau Nightclub
12.French Dream

Jim Wilson: Guitar, Jeemna*, Bass Thing*, Thing-mini*, PVC Flute*, Voice, Percussion, Reeds, Metal, Bass Recorder, Effects.
Production and Mastering.

Bonnie McNairn: Flutes*, Voice, Trombone, Shanai, Thing*, Whistling, Squawk Box*, Percussion, Effects.
Photography (Escalante Canyon Utah).

*Handmade Instruments


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