From behind the firmament of the heavens, the VRIL J?GER are coming. Camouflaged and veiled under sanctified constellations the VRIL J?GER proclaim their gospel of a Black Nirvana and the death of this world to a soundtrack reminiscent of tectonic plates in movement, prayer wheels in motion and a human race lost in utter insanity. Through the cracks of this world a pitch black darkness and nothingness is unfolding. This is the sound of VRIL J?GER burying this world. VRIL J?GER is consists of Kim Larsen (OF THE WAND AND THE MOON) and Thomas Bøjden (DIE WEISSE ROSE). VRIL J?GER should not be considered as a mere side project but a separate entity with an agenda of No Fun, No compromise and No easy listening! The 21st of March will be the release date of the VRIL J?GER debut album and that VRIL J?GER will be unleashed upon the world and declare hunting season opened! Rejoice the end has begun!

Coming both on CD and two different colored Vinyl versions. CD and Vinyl will feature different versions of the tracks. Mastered by Robert Ferbrache.

FILE UNDER: promoters of doom and total death!

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Weight 5 oz