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Rhythmajik was a book by Z’ev released years ago on Psychic TV’s Temple Press. Here we have a brand new musical accompaniment, and it serves as a fine introduction to the unique musical approach of the legendary Z’ev. Since the 1970’s, Z’EV worked in a variety of media and was one of the founders of the cultural movement now known as “Industrial.” After several releases on important label like Die Stadt, Staalplaat, Touch, Soleilmoon, Tzadik, Subterranean, Dossier, Cold Spring, etc…, and great collaborations with artists like Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Psychic Tv, Genesis P-Orridge, Organum, The Hafler Trio, John Zorn, La Fura dels Baus, etc……, we are very pround to presents new Z’EV studio album recorded in Los Angeles in 2003-2004. This audio material accompany the Italian edition of “Rhythmajik” (RHYTHMAJIK: Practical uses of Number, Rhythm and Sound). Z’EV, percussionist extraordinaire, played his homemade instruments (gongs, hand-made metal percussions, titanium plate, low steel drums). Z’EV proved to be a sensitive and skilled master of his instruments, creating complex rhythms and varied timbres… Experimental percussive industrial music… Don’t miss this magical album!!! Z’EV is a pioneer!


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