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A box without tricks! No fillout material! No extras! No gloomy video-tracks! No instrumental versions! No remixes! This is BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, and it’s Very Little Fun. This material has been recorded between 1998-2005, and is not just left-overs, but also the raw sound and direct result of a collapsing mental health! Yet, we cannot escape the fact that these 27 tracks are both of a fascinating and intriguing nature, but also that these utterly dark industrial cadaverous sounds will push your mood down to a risky level even for the more sane listener (if any…). Well, You have been warned! It is a dark depressive world painted with a gruesome black mind and a bleeding heart. This is what makes the sound of Roger Karmanik/Brighter Death Now so special and one-of-a-kind! – Depression guaranteed! The Artwork is not for people with limited brain capacity!! Comes housed in a deluxe &stunning special printed cardboard-boxed slipcase.

Track listing:
Happy Happy Happy 2:12
Shall I Die? 6:07
There is Nothing Left In This World 5:59
BodyGarden 6:24
Getaway 4:14
Bar Death Now 4:11
Kill Useless People 5:02
No Salvation 9:15
If You Believe 4:35
Never Again 8:07
Why 5:45
Oblivion 3:30
My Cutter 6:07
Collector of Remains 4:36
Hunger For Love 5:51
The Face of God 5:11
Out of Control 8:05
Girl Equal Doggy 6:57
Next Train 5:59
Voices 7:21
Northern Supremacy 6:52
A Dagger in my Body in my Garden 6:17
Ad Hominem Abuse 5:28
The Other Death 3:34
Slow Death 8:27
37 7:55
Humans 6:00
The End is Here! 8:42


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