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Humana, the band’s first full-length recording, displays a remarkable improvement upon the already brilliant work that “Moments” introduced. Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions, inspired by the essence of Portuguese Fado, brought to life by acoustic string instruments and voice. “Moments,” Dwelling’s debut MCD issued two years ago, lay down the foundations for the band’s sonority, deeply rooted in the exploration of music in its purest form through the use of stringed instrumentation and voice. “Humana” follows the same path, yet expands upon Dwelling’s musical framework, allowing them not only to improve their skill as musicians and composers, but also to explore and broaden their scope of influences, which encompass, within an acoustic Neo-Classical setting, elements of Jazz and Contemporary Music alongside an ever present undercurrent that draws back to Fado and Dwelling’s Portuguese background. The album allegorically portrays various events of the cycle of human life, from the cradle to the grave, which translate into the various moods found throughout compositions much in the same way that one would balance his feelings towards life as he courses through the joy and radiance of youth into the heavy burden of old age. Challenging and bold, “Humana” may not be an immediately accessible listen, but it is sure to unveil a world of wonders to those who choose to dwell within it. Presented in beautiful full color digipak.

Track Listing

  1. Silêncio Intemporal
  2. Tecelões da Nova Realidade
  3. The Wheel
  4. Lingering Stupor
  5. Chasing The Rainbow’s End
  6. Remember Virtue
  7. O Cinzel do Tempo
  8. As the Storm Chants
  9. The Reality That Remains


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