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Another re-release of the backcatalogue of one of the most influential artists in traditional neofolk. Including classics such as: Fael Inis, Reaper Man, High Gallows Tree, The Wind That Shakes the Barley…

On this CD Ian Read is helped by Julie Woods, Matthew Butler and Ian Pirrie. Midwinter Fires has plenty of the mysterious and powerful magick of Northern Europe we expect from Fire + Ice, which here concentrates somewhat more on the heroic struggle against impossible odds exemplified by the Siegfried made famous by Wagner. But there are a few other influences going on here too: the Island of the Mighty has had too colourful a past to allow for a narrow perspective on its traditions.

Call it by its newest name of Neofolk, its former one of Apocalyptic Folk, or call it what you will – Fire + Ice has been and is one of its leading lights.


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