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Limited to 500. After the now deleted “Elements”, here’s the long awaited second full length opus by Othila. This gem is packed in a triple fold out digi-file, in the new Divine Comedy style.
With this new recording, Othila celebrate again Mother Earth from continent to continent. Sharing, opening, discovering, and respecting are the words to describe this new album. The music, after the much more martial “Yula” 10″ is darker and lurking. Eight long pieces for five continents and Atlantis. We can quote some dark ambient feelings here : the very emotive distinction of mighty ritual acts such as Lights in a Fat City or Hybrids with some incursions in the more modern and still filmographic darkness of Godspeed You Black Emperor or Biosphere.
But don’t make a mistake about this lines because everything in the world of Othila become more and more personal, dense and misty. This is an ethnic modern play, an another masterpiece from the French scene emerged from the end of the 90’s!


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