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Stain, Ultra’s 6th album, was originally released by Dom America, but has been re-issued by Stateart for an international audience. What sounds like a sinister performance unarguably represents one of the most decadent musical accomplishments in decades leaving the listener effectively paralyzed and eager for more.

Track Listing

  1. Tincture Of Opium
  2. Circling The Drain
  3. The Request
  4. Little Girl
  5. To Purgatory, Briefly
  6. The Diet
  7. The Lesson
  8. Early Morning, And On Your Pillow…
  9. …The Ejaculations Of The Rabble
  10. The Elusive Word
  11. Another Slow Secretion, Absorbed
  12. The Diet (Part Two)
  13. The Griffins’ Trail
  14. Hands That Bruise
  15. Always Someone Else
  16. Everyday Courtesies
  17. The White Stain
  18. A Pharmacist’s Error
  19. The Long-Desired Miscarriage
  20. God Has Died
  21. Loathsome To See…
  22. …But Excellent To The Touch
  23. Once There Was A Child Of Nuns
  24. The Moles Of Cristina
  25. The Renunciation
  26. Fabulous Specters


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